Volleyball Webquest

Directions for webquest:

You will be directed to a series of pre-reviewed websites for you to read and explore.  You will have questions that you must answer based on the information provided by the given websites.  All questions are to be answered in complete sentences to be either printed and turned in or e-mailed to your instructor.




Go to the websites given above and answer the following questions:


  1. How did the need for the game for the volleyball come past?
  2. Where was volleyball invented?
  3. Who invented volleyball?
  4. What is the difference between Male volleyball and female volleyball?
  5. When did volleyball become an international sport?
  6.  How is the game of volleyball scored?
  7. How do you win a volleyball game?
  8. How do you win a volleyball match?
  9. Describe the different types of scoring in volleyball
  10. Describe Beach volleyball