About Personal Fitness 


Personal Fitness is a semester class required for graduation. Meeting fitness standards and experiencing actives which a student can incorporate in their lifestyle for life is the main focus of the class. Students will discover where their own fitness levels are and ways for them to improve the levels. Working within their own target heart rate zone the student will increase their heart's functioning ability. Muscles will be worked both for strength and endurance. Flexibility and stress management will be incorporated into the class structure. Upon successful completion of the class a students will have a respect for all aspect of fitness and be able to design a program for him/herself that will be affective for their own lifestyle. 

During the course of the semester  your son/daughter will be
to and encouraged to participate in a varitey of activities.  Some of the
activities will be new to your son/daughter and may require them
to step out of their comfort zone.  I will always gently encourage your son/daughter to participate in 
every activity

If your son/daughter has any phyiscal ailment that may hinder
or restrict their participation in physical activity, please let
me know so I may make modifications for your child.


Some of the activities presented in class:
~running, walking, jogging and sprinting
~Agility Drills
~aerobics (regular and step)
~dance aerobics
~weight lifting (strength and endurance activities)
~stretching (flexibility activities)
~team-building activities

Some sports that may be covered in class:
~badminton SKILLS
~basketball SKILLS
~volleyball SKILLS
~Gerneral Sports SKILLS
















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